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PoE Would Be One of the Most Popular ARPG Since 2018

Generally speaking, when you decide to play a new game, you’d better learn some basics of this game, for example, Path of Exile, which would be one of the most popular ARPG since 2018. So I am going to share you some necessary basics for your starting of Path of Exile trip:

1. Strongboxes could be identified, and you may use all kinds of crafting mats in it. so that you can result in the magic, you may make them an arbitrary rarity, you may make them rare. and if you do not such as the rare mods you are able to chaos orb it or scour and alchemy orb it again.

2. you may still use non-essential skills(like golems or even the portal) when they aren’t really in your skill bar. just change to the skill, cast it, then switch to your normal use skill.

3. There is a portal jewel that provides the skill to cast town portals. the cast speed is slow, however, you will not need portals any longer, so that’s nice.

4. Never operate a white-colored map ever, always a minimum of allow it to be magic,…

How Capturing Beasts is Stupid and Very RNG Heavy in PoE

I've seen many, many negative posts about Bestiary, and with very different reasons on why someone doesn't like it, ranging from the bad mechanic of it, over how they keep pressing C instead of V, to how it's not beginner friendly. The interested gamers can buy poe exalted orbs from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

Dear exiles, if something is wrong with the league, why isn't everyone pointing at the same thing instead of bashing at everything they come up with, the most common thing seems to be how people don't like the mechanic of the league, how capturing beasts is stupid and very RNG heavy, and i agree on the RNG thing, i only got 2/4 of the Spirit Beasts, but capturing beasts is an ok mechanic.

Also what can be noticed from reading all those comments and posts is that people are very much in love with Breach, like ever since Breach league people just cry about wanting more of it, and yea Breach is LOTS of loot and i love it …

Path of Exile 3.3.0 Will Be Coming in June!

Grinding Gear Games will begin releasing more information in the coming months other than the initial plans they have revealed for their game's next big content update. The update will be hitting live servers on 01 June 2018 for PC, and the following weekend on Xbox One.

While they have announced the update will be rather large in scope, it won't be a full expansion like the ones we've seen before. It will be more of a rework of the game's systems and less of an addition of content.

The main selling point of the patch is the fact that the team has been working hard on fixing underused skills and adding new effects to the game. The addition of one effect to a spell can change so many builds in PoE, which is why many players enjoy the game.

Additionally, new Trap abilities will be added in the update which will make trapper builds a lot more fun and versatile. Apart from trapper builds, players will discover much more build variety and more will continue to surface in ti…

Soul Worker - Jp Version VS Gameforge?

It has been confirmed that dungeon difficulty and crafting material needed for costumes is identical for both NA and KR, so JP server just watered down things. And I'm assuming the other things that were mentioned in this post. Are also identical to the KR version of the game.

Also, how did the reviewer know that enhancement rates were reduced? AFAIK there's no any published info on that. I mean if you want a more casual-player-friendly version of the game then sure, go play JP Soul Worker, but as far as I'm concerned I have no problem with the NA build. I did get startled by the Item Shop prices at first, but do keep in mind that discounts and top up bonuses do happen quite frequently. If anything, you should be able to buy a decent set of costume for about 15 dollars or less if you take advantage of all the sales and discounts.

Also people keep saying the JP server has the 100 to $1 conversion rate. Calculating this value purely based on currency exchange rates ignores t…

Tips & Tricks for New Soulworkers Players - Beginner's Soulworkers Guide

Hey Soulworkers! Since it doesn't look like there is a beginner's guide, I figured I might as well try to compile some knowledge that I find helpful and wish I had figured out sooner.

Upgrade Yourself
When you upgrade past 4, there is a chance that your equipment might break, but you can offset this with the Anti-Destruction premium item, which you can buy from the Grutin NPC.

For you aesthetics people, your weapon will have effects at +3, +6, and I will assume +9. Upgrading gets pretty expensive as you go on though, so it's advisable to not upgrade your weapon too much until you have one you'll be using for a while.

Don't forget to equip your Akasha cards! Use them from your premium inventory, and then go to your skill window and equip them from the Akasha tab.

You will need to Remove the card you want to level up, which is going to cost you a fair amount of money. So go ahead and use them, but later on when money isn't an issue you'll need to remove them.