How Capturing Beasts is Stupid and Very RNG Heavy in PoE

I've seen many, many negative posts about Bestiary, and with very different reasons on why someone doesn't like it, ranging from the bad mechanic of it, over how they keep pressing C instead of V, to how it's not beginner friendly. The interested gamers can buy poe exalted orbs from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

Dear exiles, if something is wrong with the league, why isn't everyone pointing at the same thing instead of bashing at everything they come up with, the most common thing seems to be how people don't like the mechanic of the league, how capturing beasts is stupid and very RNG heavy, and i agree on the RNG thing, i only got 2/4 of the Spirit Beasts, but capturing beasts is an ok mechanic.

Also what can be noticed from reading all those comments and posts is that people are very much in love with Breach, like ever since Breach league people just cry about wanting more of it, and yea Breach is LOTS of loot and i love it as well, but complaining about Bestiary for not having screens full of loot is wrong, leagues have to be different in more ways than having portals to other worlds or cracks to other worlds.

And everyone that says it's not beginner friendly is being wrong, the "beginner friendliness" of the game depends of its core without any leagues, Bestiary is actually pretty beginner friendly with Einhar showing up and giving you your first nets and telling you what to do, and also because of crafting.

How, you ask? Because new players that realize there's no gold and currency is what you craft items with simply wont craft items, they wont pick up good white bases and alch them or use recipes to upgrade gear, and also they don't find out about soon enough to know that there's a cheap way of upgrading gear, so that's where Bestiary kicks in with the simple formula of Capture beasts > Craft items without using currency and you don't even need Bestiary beasts for that, just rare beasts to make rare items.

So just before you go posting something to talk bad about the league just think about it in depth, it's not that grim, chances are whatever i say won't change your mind about whatever your issue with the league is, but think about if it's a problem with the league at all, and then think if its even a problem.


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