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I Would Buy MTX Appearances If They Weren't so Expensive

I actually thought the harbinger armor looked more appealing than what i've seen in the past. But i'm  going to buy more supporter packs. Even the $400+ ones.

I've bought lots of MTX items and i'm very satisfied, sometimes even if the items do not look on my character. I'm  LOOKING AT YOU RADIANT PIECES! I just laugh that they look silly and know that i just supported GGG.

What if GGG did fund raisers to stay active and to pay employees? I'd probably donate to that because i love poe so much. Since they sell items, i'm doing my small part to support the best game i've played since Diablo 2 LOD AND i get cool skins.

By biggest argument for people who say they believe the MTX items are too expensive is to say please look at Path of Exile like your hobby. If you spent X amount of hours playing or thinking of PoE and it brings you some form of enjoyment, that is your hobby. Especially if you have spent 3 or 4 years playing!

Even spending thousand of dollars…