Best Way to Farm POE Currency

You can select and pick which maps to complete about the atlas to manipulate which maps will drop Poe currency for you. You'll find various guides in existence for this already, and several variations so you will not go into also a great deal detail on this component.

Which maps you decide to shape is in the end as much as you. On this atlas, it is possible to pick Mesa, Strand, Mud Geyser and Atoll. You are able to create a lot of Poe currency by marketing all Tier 14, 15 and sixteen maps you get. Make an effort to promote them in bulk for optimum efficiency. Discover an approach that operates to suit your needs. As long as you are ready to speedrun maps in 3 minutes or significantly less, and sustain your desired map pool whilst even now earning a great deal of currency, you are most likely not executing it incorrectly.

The system you have tried and appreciated is simply:

1. Tend not to complete any T10-T13 maps unless you would like them to get a Shaper's Orb. If you have killed the boss within a map, that map can drop from the proper level array, whether or not you didn't total the atlas bonus, so you truly don't desire to run them at all.

2. Comprehensive the bonus for all T16(guardian) maps and Shaper. (You are able to invest incompletions for these in case your character is not able to solo them. Just head to /trade 820 and keep an eye out for completion sellers)

3. You'll really need to use Cartographer's Seals in your Colonnade, Excavation, Estuary and Large Gardens maps after obtaining their respective shaper's orbs, considering the fact that you do not want these to drop in lieu of your shaped maps of choice.

4. In lieu of endeavoring to progress naturally via the atlas, you may start off acquiring the distinct maps you would like to complete after the marketplace has become established a little. Right up until that time, you can just run reduced tier maps or Merciless Dried lake.

5. You are able to full all T14 and T15 maps for more atlas bonus, Otherwise, you can leave individuals uncompleted and form a T9 in addition to a T10 into T14 and T15 to ensure only the shaped variants of these tiers can drop. You will discover also other variations you can do, but I've currently gone into a lot more detail than I wished to in this segment.
6. Full the bonus for all T1-T9 maps.

7. Get at the very least 1 Shaper's Orb to shape the tiers 5, six, 7 and eight, generating these maps your ONLY tier 10, eleven, twelve and 13 maps.

8. Comprehensive all Exclusive maps

Straightforward Way to Farming Poe Currency
Right here is an image of what my atlas looked like on the finish of Legacy League. I'm missing Vaal Temple and Perandus Manor on this, and it definitely would not harm to do these, but you'll frequently be capable of sustaining your shaped map pool just fine with about 80 or much more atlas bonus.

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