Tips & Tricks for New Soulworkers Players - Beginner's Soulworkers Guide

Hey Soulworkers! Since it doesn't look like there is a beginner's guide, I figured I might as well try to compile some knowledge that I find helpful and wish I had figured out sooner.

Upgrade Yourself
When you upgrade past 4, there is a chance that your equipment might break, but you can offset this with the Anti-Destruction premium item, which you can buy from the Grutin NPC.

For you aesthetics people, your weapon will have effects at +3, +6, and I will assume +9. Upgrading gets pretty expensive as you go on though, so it's advisable to not upgrade your weapon too much until you have one you'll be using for a while.

Don't forget to equip your Akasha cards! Use them from your premium inventory, and then go to your skill window and equip them from the Akasha tab.

You will need to Remove the card you want to level up, which is going to cost you a fair amount of money. So go ahead and use them, but later on when money isn't an issue you'll need to remove them.
Also, don't forget to equip your titles - they give stats!

Bugs and Stuff aka relog, relog, relog
No servers available - either wait half a second, click it incessantly, or relog - usually the servers will show up unless there's a maintenance
Server is missing from list - relog
Select character - doesn't work, just relog and save yourself the shock of seeing no chars...
Also, you will get dced. Shake it off and just relog again.

Basic Settings
If you feel like your camera moves too fast, you can change it under Settings → Game → Camera and just slide the camera sensitivity to what you feel good with.
Some people have had issues with resolution, but the common resolutions should all be available in whichever screen mode you prefer.
You can press tab to toggle through chat modes.
You can press F to talk to NPCs - this one took me way too long to realize :>

For more soulworkers tips and tricks, stay tuned to u4gm. You can choose where you can buy cheap soulworker Dzenai.


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