Path of Exile 3.3.0 Will Be Coming in June!

Grinding Gear Games will begin releasing more information in the coming months other than the initial plans they have revealed for their game's next big content update. The update will be hitting live servers on 01 June 2018 for PC, and the following weekend on Xbox One.

While they have announced the update will be rather large in scope, it won't be a full expansion like the ones we've seen before. It will be more of a rework of the game's systems and less of an addition of content.

The main selling point of the patch is the fact that the team has been working hard on fixing underused skills and adding new effects to the game. The addition of one effect to a spell can change so many builds in PoE, which is why many players enjoy the game.

Additionally, new Trap abilities will be added in the update which will make trapper builds a lot more fun and versatile. Apart from trapper builds, players will discover much more build variety and more will continue to surface in time.

More details about the contents will be announced in a month, and the team is excited to bring the update so much so that they announced the skill revamps this early despite that not being their usual policy. They have been working on this since the last expansion presumably.

Grinding Gear have promised to fix the recently-added bestiary a little in terms of fixing bugs which have existed for a while now. They announced they will have an alpha testing available soon, but that those who apply for the alpha now might not get it anyway because "that's not how it works".

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