Soul Worker - Jp Version VS Gameforge?

It has been confirmed that dungeon difficulty and crafting material needed for costumes is identical for both NA and KR, so JP server just watered down things. And I'm assuming the other things that were mentioned in this post. Are also identical to the KR version of the game.

Also, how did the reviewer know that enhancement rates were reduced? AFAIK there's no any published info on that. I mean if you want a more casual-player-friendly version of the game then sure, go play JP Soul Worker, but as far as I'm concerned I have no problem with the NA build. I did get startled by the Item Shop prices at first, but do keep in mind that discounts and top up bonuses do happen quite frequently. If anything, you should be able to buy a decent set of costume for about 15 dollars or less if you take advantage of all the sales and discounts.

Also people keep saying the JP server has the 100 to $1 conversion rate. Calculating this value purely based on currency exchange rates ignores the fact that purchasing power differs from country to country. Yes 1 USD is roughly 100 yen in exchange rates, but the purchasing power of 1USD<100 Yen. In other words, you can buy more stuff with 100 yen in Japan than you can with 1 dollar in the US.

Therefore, the comparison is unfair. Although I would still say the premium currency in NA is more expensive, it is not as exaggerated as suggested by this Steam review. It's not that simple. Some people play games to make their characters looks cool, and with the current outrageous prices, GF is making it impossible to justify spending 32$ for an outfit and 20$ for hair.

Just because you have low standards and no value to money doesn't mean the rest of us have to suffer bad pricing because you don't care if you waste 60$ just on one character. People like you are a bane on the gaming world and the reason companies think they can get away with this BS. Moreover, more soulwokers news please keep eyes on which would devote to offer amounts of Soulworker Dzenai online.


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