The Fortnite Map: Where To Loot, How To Win

Thoughts you, though, this isn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill guide. instead of finding major and named places, just like the ever-so-contested Tilted Towers, where there’s a lot to loot and plenty more enemies from every corner to fear about, you’ll discover a few nifty Fortnite recommendations about different beneficial locations to land at the map that will help you continuously be one of the closing men status and get in the direction of incomes that coveted Victory Royale.

The Deserted Town Southwest of Paradise Palms

To be fair, most areas around the hotly-contested Paradise Palms are prime areas for looting. Tryhards just can’t help but land in the thick of things. This leaves the surrouding areas free for the taking. But, one particular area that I’ve taken a liking to is the deserted town just southwest of Paradise Palms. For an unnamed location, the abandoned “Wild West” themed town has plenty of loot. Enough, even, for an entire squad.

You can start sweeping the area from the western side, while checking the second story of each house as you go. Other than the treasures, the area is also teeming with ground loot, so there’s plenty of weapons, armor, and ammo boxes to go for everybody.

As an added bonus, the area is slightly elevated and if you cut through the desert area, you’ll have a nice, clear view of Paradise Palms, which makes any unsuspecting players escaping the area an easy target.

The Camp Site in Loot Lake

This is probably no secret by now, but considering just how few people I've seen and encountered looting the area, it’s worth a risk.

I recommend surveying the area first while you’re dropping. Often, the tower (3) just a few meters north of the camp site will have a treasure. If there is one, you may want to get that first since landing on the tower gives you a height advantage over other players. From there, you can make your way down, and go to the small house near the deck on the lake (2) and then finally, go to the campsite (1). Or, you can always go to the establishment west of the tower (4), although it’s not exactly teeming with treasure nor weapons or ammo (usually just 1 in the garage).

If you’re fast and lucky, you’ll have looted three treasures in just a minute, or at least two and probably a kill. Additionally, just further down south of the camp site is an isolated island (5) that can spawn as many as two treasures at a time.

Gas Station Southeast of Fatal Fields

Fortnite Tips

This one’s pretty closeby from the deserted town, and if you’re fast, you probably will be able to loot these areas without much resistance.

Unlike the deserted town, however, there aren’t really all that many treasure chests lying around here. Usually, you’ll find them either on top of the bux or on the back of one of the hollow trucks. But, there’s plenty of loot to pick up on the ground here, so there’s that.

As tempting as it may be, though, try not to ride the golf cart. It makes you an open target and you can’t exactly defend yourself properly while on one. If you want to head on over towards Fatal Fieldsdo it on foot while being constantly on the lookout for other players.

Area Overlooking Tomato Town

Fortnite Tips

Tomato Town is always a great place to start in. But, while it’s very rarely as crowded as the other named areas, I personally recommend staying away from the main fight unless necessary. Luckily, there’s a spot just south of the town with a metal bunker and a tunnel leading out of Tomato TownInside, you’ll find stairs, and climbing up, you’re bound to find a weapon or two. You might even find a treasure chest there too while you're at it.

Because Tomato Town is quite the popular spot, I recommend landing from above and working your way down the tunnel. Even if you don't find a treasure chest, you most likely will already have a weapon in hand, making it easier for you to defend yourself if push comes to shove.

The best part about this spot is that, once you’re done looking, you can always head back up and lookout for any players who are leaving Tomato Town. Are you currently tired of cutting beneficial hours? Are you nonetheless gather cowhides to collect some Fortnite Items? Don waste your time and have entertaining now! Purchase Weapons now at! This can be a rapid, inexpensive and protected spot to get Materials, Traps, and weapons. The Currencies we're selling is safe, as well as your account won't be banned for real-world trading. We have a large number of pleased clientele! So what are you currently waiting for? Get Fortnite Items now at U4GM and let your dreams come correct!

Tower at the Northeast Corner of the Map

Fortnite Tips

Hidden in the far northeast corner of the map is what looks like a player-made tower that can have as many as four chests at a time with probably two minimum. This was quite the popular area in previous seasons, but with the map updates, other players have moved on, leaving the area free for you to loot.

You’ll find the first chest right on top of the tower, so make sure that you land on the roof and work your way down.

Once you’re finished looting, head down a couple of meters down west where you’ll find an abandoned ice cream truck and a chest or two for you to loot.

The Two Houses South of Snobby Shores

Fortnite Tips

South of Snobby Shores are two houses that can have at least two chests (check the roof and the basement of the southernmost house).

While two treasure chests aren’t that many, it should give you a good headstart and it’s not too far away from Snobby Shores, so you can try picking off an unsuspecting player if in case you feel that your gear is good enough. But, if you’re not feeling too confident, you can head south, where you’ll come across a clearing that most likely will have another chest for you to loot.

The Two Houses East of Risky Reels

Fortnite Tips

Similar to the two houses south of Snobby Shores, there are two similar looking houses just east of Risky Reels where you’ll find at least two treasure chests — make sure to check the roof and the basement first. But, what makes this place even better to land in is because the surrounding areas of Risky Reels almost always have more than its fair share of treasures lying around.

Fortnite Tips For You

In case you’re new to the game, we suggest heading over to the principal and named locations. Tilted Towers is continually a massacre. even though it’s not conducive to trying to reach the latter level of a valid, getting proper into the thick of factors is extremely good in case you want to get a better draw close off the way the sport works, in particular of the sport’s different weapons.

in case you’re looking to continue to exist and look at the same time, however, ensure to comply with our Fortnite guidelines and you’ll have sufficient firepower to move toe-to-toe with the other extra kill-satisfied players.

What do you observe of our Fortnite hints? have you tried landing on the regions firsthand? Which one of our counseled regions do you always land in? make certain to let us understand your mind within the remarks down beneath.


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