The Face and Eye Mapping of Real Humans for the Character Models - ESO

My guess is it's just because the features would look super alien in the hyper-realistic animation they have going. For a promotional involving elves is probably better to have them be more like Tolkien's really attractive humans with pointy ears rather than aliens with inhumanly long and angular faces and overly large eyes.

- I'm not even sure its that, because to my knowledge that just refers to CGI that no matter how good it looks, always feels wrong. I mean that how TES elves would 'realistically' look would be far more alien then we generally think because of how things are stylized in the videogame. If you're familiar with the series, think of how elves are in Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition vs Origins and how they got criticized initially for looking almost like aliens. That is how (at least most) elves would look like in TES from our perspective.

Their faces are far too long and angular, eyes too big, generally too scrawny or lithe unless they're from an exceptionally laborious profession, and in the case of Altmer and Bosmer they're inhumanly tall or small respectively. They'd look more like an alien race than human (to be fair, they are, but still). Since these trailers are promotional, and sex sells, they probably intentionally go for the Tolkien styled "super attractive humans with pointy ears" rather than "completely distinct and alien race."

- I'm not seeing it. In the other games elves had human like eyes. Elves just happened to different options for the colour of their Iris. Occasionally gold for the Altmer and consistently Red for the Dunmer.

ESO however is the one which is all over the place with its Iris colours. Dunmer can have colours other than red for example - something which the other games didn't have. The cinematics are perhaps truer to the series as a whole rather than ESO. Which if that's an issue is perhaps a small thing to get ina fuss about.

- If you stuck one the video game elves in a realistic cinematic, it would look so fucking weird. I don’t blame them at all for sticking with human features for these types of things. Otherwise we would just have alien creatures jumping around on screen and even as fans of TES, we would all be raising an eyebrow and how weird it was. Whenever you need cheap and salf Eso gold , you can turn to U4GM for help. We has cheap Eso gold.


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