PoE - At the End of Harbinger League, Dropped A Lot more Stuff

I recently unlocked Zana 8 and ran 100 shaped burial chambers with harbinger. This is not a 'look at the chaos/hour i get running maps' post, more of a PSA regarding the absolute disgusting droprates of Harbinger Orbs. Currency tab before/after(still need to vendor all my dump tabs). It is very necessary for you to make money in game to prepare for new season of path of exile. However, you can poe buy currency on U4GM if you don't have enough time to make money.

Excluding 2 natural exalts, and 1 annul, the results are-

  • Harbinger orbs - 1 orb, 12 shards
  • Ancient orb - 7 orbs, shards 14
  • Exalts - 0 orbs, 13 shards
  • Annulment orbs - 4 orbs, 16 shards
  • Engineers orb - 25 orbs, 8 shards
  • Horizon orb - 46 orbs, 9 shards
  • Orb of Binding - 35 orbs, 7 shards

Alchemy, chaos, and regals are harder to determine, since they drop naturally so often, it seemed too much effort to track those individual drops. With 600c in cost of the map mod, i returned 85c in both drops and shards. Dont get me wrong, running Harbinger is quite profitable, they drop maps, cards, and currency, but if i am going to invest 600 Chaos into harbinger, i dont think its unreasonable to ask for the actual endgame content of the league I am investing so heavily into.

My first harbinger orb was completed on map 78 of the runs, or 468 chaos later. I have spoken to multiple people running zana 8, this is NOT an outlier on the RNG scale. 4 of the people i have spoken to have run the maps required for the challenge, and havent had a single harbinger shard drop. Judging from my time in harbinger league, and granting no stealth nerfs to the success chance, a harbinger orb upgrades a map to a Beachhead about 1/6 chance. IF it took me 6 tries to get the beachhead, im looking at around 2800 chaos.

Lets say i get incredibly lucky in 3 runs, and get all 3 pieces of Tempest Binding, I am looking at around 8400 chaos worth of investment, not to mention the time required to find the orbs. A damned Headhunter doesn't cost that much, and never has as far as i can remember. It was 6400c last league, and it wasn't gated behind an RNG fest. You got the currency together, you buy the cards or buy the belt outright.

I cannot believe anyone at GGG looked at the extreme amount of bullshit required to get ANY single item from Harbinger league, and thought this was fine. This is an incredibly big let down.


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