Path of Exile: It Takes A Long Time To Farm 8 Doctors

Might go for uber elder, get a nice watchers eye and vaal it. Make everyone hate me even more. Not sure. To answer the constant atlas question: Complete tier 1-7. No tier 8 or 9 (except shaped burial chamber of course). Tier 10+ completed as well as guardians and shaper. I think atlas completion was around 136 or 137. Just a remind, don't forget to from U4gm to poe orbs buy, which is the best choice for poe orbs services on the market!

It took around 2k-3k maps total. I built this character to only run Shaped Burial Chambers, and the playtime is 3days 20hours. About 6.5 hours to finish 10 acts, then a couple hours to get mid 70's and start farming. So in total around 3days 10hours to farm all 8. Shortest amount of maps was about 30-50 maps between doc #2 and #3. Longest ammount of maps was either doc #6 , which i farmed about 10 hours 1 day, then 210 maps the next day. Probably around the 500 mark total. Or it was doc #8 in this video, i kept track of all the maps and it was 501 for #8.
Some highlight/interesting drops that happend throughout all those maps:
  • 3x belly of the beast
  • 2x carcass jack
  • 4x exalts
  • 5x divine
  • 4x annuls
  • 1x windripper
  • 2x tukohama's fortress
  • 4x lightning coil
  • 2x QOTF
  • 9x starkonjas
  • 10x devoto's
  • 1x abyssus
  • 2x witchfire
  • 1x lions roar
  • 2x ngamahu axe
  • 2x ventors gamble (not counting cards for 2 more)
  • 7x poorjoy
  • 6x mao kun
  • 1x Twilight temple
  • 2x tabula
  • 5x stacked deck
  • enough rings to make loreweave
  • About 400 xoph/tul/esh , 200 uul netol , and 50ish Chayula splinters
I leveld up multiple enlighten/empower , 2 enlighten were vaal'd to lvl 4. I also was able to level up and vaal 2x herald of ice, 1x hatred, 1x wrath, 1x added cold.
13 full atziri sets from Her Mask cards. I stopped picking these up after a while.
Encountered Abaxoth twice.


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