Path of Exile - Trading Tips You Want To Know

With the seventh expansion of War for the Atlas a success. More and more player join the Path of Exile team. This expansion focuses mainly on reworking the endgame Atlas of Worlds system. If you are also thinking about the economy in Path of Exile, then, you are right. Every single massively multiplayer online role-playing game, figuring how the economy works and owning the market is a tough effort. Good thing there are many ways to succeed. Besides, you might want to do some of these tips to make life easier.

Get Strong

That’s the first plan anyways in Path of Exile, right? Level up, get stronger and eliminate everything in your path. Great strength provides more freedom to farm anything because you can trade the most expensive stuff on the market.

You can do it in reverse and it is still completely viable. Try to buy the most out of your money. Determine which armors and weapons you need to get stronger and look for the cheapest in the market and purchase. Once you complete your set, earn back what you paid. Your new equipments are your investment to more income for a long time.

Trading Proper

Observe these so that you can get the better end of the deal:

Take note of the post duration. You may want to take advantage of a seller depending on the duration of the post. The longer it’s posted and no buyer was found, the greater advantage you have as a buyer.

Don’t show your desperation for the item you want. Keep a calm demeanor and bargain with a straight face. There’s a chance the price will go low if you negotiate with utter calm.

Just make an offer. Sometimes buyers do hesitate to message their price because they don’t want the seller to go away. Nothing will happen if you don’t try throwing out a price right? So, offer what you think is a right price and go from there with the seller.
If you’re seeking buyers for your items and have no idea on what price to put on it, give it a high price, first. Lower the price gradually until there is a willing buyer.
Accepting bids from people deserve a counter-offer. Unless your price gets fixed, give the potential buyer response. Either a straightforward “no” or a lowered price where both you and the party agree.

If a buyer messaged you multiple times, he is desperate for what you’re selling. Take advantage of this since you know he or she wants the item badly. On the other hand, don’t take desperation for granted. Set the price that gives you some leverage and bring it there fast before it’s too late.

I hope this guide can help you, more tricks and tips, you can click here.


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