Seven Kinds of Geting Path of Exile Orb

We've been playing Path of Exile for some time now. Nevertheless the last couple of several weeks, we've observed the recognition of POE has truly began to develop. Path Of Exile was lately released on Xbox One which introduced new audience into it. Now, Let me tell you how to Get Path of Exile Orbs.

Playing a game like PoE can absorb enough of your time without having to worry about extra Path of Exile currency. Orbs are what every Exile needs in their backpack, as the benefits to your in-game strength and finances can be astounding thanks to these little round currency balls. However if you don’t have a lot of time to wait to passively gain income through generic quests.

Gear Up
Equipping stronger gear at any time is a must in any RPG; it’s fundamental to boosting your orb drop rates. The caliber of gear you should be aiming for is the highest quality and rarity you can find. Rarity positively influences drop rates, therefore: the higher rarity, the more Chaos Orbs you’ll be able to find.

The best places to farm for blue/rare items are the Church Dungeon, followed by the Fellshire Ruins. Only pick up the blue/rare items, for efficiency. Fellshire is not the only place to farm Chaos Orbs, but it’s the safest area for all builds and classes. Chaos Orbs tend to drop more frequently in higher level areas.

IIQ (Increased Item Quantity) and IIR (Increased Item Rarity) are modifications (or mods) you can find on certain items that will help you progress further along the line in your orb farming endeavours. For example, look for the suffix “of Excavation” on rings, amulets and breastplates. This is an IIR mod that will give you (21-26)% increased rarity of loot.

Boost Your Damage
The more mobs you can kill at once, the better chances you have of getting the item drop you’re after. Therefore you should concentrate on high-damage skills and area-of-effect (AOE) skills to maximise your damage output and ensure you get your kills. Tackle mobs en masse and use your strongest AOE skills. Curse gems are entirely AOE; use them to your advantage.

Watch Your Level
There exists a currency penalty in all PoE zones based on your character’s level. If you have a level difference greater than 2 from the level of the area, you receive a penalty of 2.5% for every level after 2. For example: In a level 60 area a level 63 character will experience a 2.5% penalty.

Farm Silver Coins
Silver coins are an underestimated source of orbs. Orbs tend to trade for 9 or 10 silver coins. This is applicable to all characters and is therefore accessible for those at lower levels who perhaps can’t manage to grind higher level maps.

Farming Orbs of Alteration
A reliable way of farming Chaos Orbs can be done as early as Act 1. The current going rate is 75 Orbs of Alteration for 5 Chaos Orbs.

Set Up A Shop
The forums will be your best friend when it comes to trading. Go to the Path of Exile forums and set up a thread under the ‘Standard Trading – Shops’ section. With that done, hunt down the best gear you can find. This is arguably a late-game tactic as finding gear higher-level players will trade with you is far easier when you yourself are higher-level too.

Use the forums to scout out good deals rather than selling everything to the NPCs. That will ensure you end up with the most orbs for your time. Make sure to find the best gear you can before selling it; people only want the best. If you try to sell something mediocre, you will struggle to find a buyer.

Some of this may be terrible advice as I am myself terrible. I hope it helps someone. If you want to more about Path of Exile news, you can visit Gm2v.


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