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Abyss Spinners are too powerful - 6k HP oneshot, no damage map mods. Personally, I think that some mods should just not accompany these mobs, ever. Substantial Phys Damage, Nemesis mods overall, attack speed, and even if I did say no Nemesis, one should be truly forbidden if Nemesis doesn't go, Proximity Shield.

Additionally, they should be able to be damaged in the Spirit Form, but at a much reduced effectiveness. Say they take only 25% of the damage they're supposed to.

Also, I think that a bit of the problem lies inherently with the Abyss mechanics too. They can't be damaged while they climb out of the pit and they can use Spirit Walk as soon as they finished emerging, basically having leeway to do whatever they want in that time span. They should have a gap of 3/4/5 seconds before they can use that ability after they spawn. This should apply to the other mobs as well.

All the Abyss mobs seem to suffer from the old Devourer issue that they just spawn/emerge and hit you before you can react, even if you see them. For those that still remember, a lot of people said they were okay before they were finally nerfed. A similar situation applies Here as well. Let's see other people' opinion.

1) I hate it when they go invisible that's such dumb game design. They've got camo or whatever so you can see them but you can't do anything about it. They can't be targeted, have invincibility, constantly speeds up, easily gets stuck by bad pathing or totems in the way etc. Then just gets a complete free hit on you because just why not?

2) You think those mobs are bad for your slayer or EK inquis? Try fighting these things with a bow character. The spinners disappear and become non target-able , show up next to you and one shot your bow build with 5-6k hp. The bats go underground and pop up underneath you in a huge area for massive damage, also non target-able. The other mobs shoot shit at you that kills you in 1-2 seconds and gods help you if any of these spawn with proximity shield.

3) Abyss is horribly balanced. It was way more fun than breach during leveling, but in endgame it doesn't even remotely compare. These rare mobs seem insanely dangerous compared to all other mobs including map bosses. And purely RNG based Lich encounters weren't exactly a great either either.

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