Discovering the Game Path of Exile

Path of Exile was released October 23, 2013 year, and certainly since that time a lot has changed in him. It was not given to me, but to experience it, because his adventure with the game began a few months ago from the beta on Xbox One , that after the transfer to the desktop version. I spent a total of diablopodobnym work studio Grinding Gear Games tens of hours, and its discovery until four years after the premiere turned out to be real pleasure.

The first thing that certainly is associated with the Path of Exile (even those who have not played it) is a skill tree. Skills in name at least, because in fact, all of these branches offer the ability to unlock various perks, which will increase the damage of a particular kind of weapon, allow for faster health regeneration or develop some form of statistics. About the same abilities you will read below, because they deserve a separate paragraph, and returning to the skill tree (let's at that time) have to say that it is HUGE, because consists of over 1,300 items.

Depending on the character class, our hero begins his adventure on the tree in a different place, but Path of Exile in no way limits the creativity of the player, which essentially makes the initial decision affects only the boot of statistics and available equipment, which quickly you can change. Such an approach to the subject in turn causes that in a relatively short period of time, we can avoid being a mighty warrior for the magician, and even - of course - to combine these two classes into one completely new. If you think that at the end of this combining, then you are wrong.

During the game, we collect or buy gems that will be placed in the slots contained in the individual items of equipment (helmet, armor, weapons, etc.). Each has a specific color gems, like the slot in which we can put it, which makes it all fits everywhere, and this in turn forces - and how - to combining. Especially since these gems really hard handy. Not only allow you to unlock various skills that will inflict more damage and even damage to transform the physical damage from the elements. Gems also allow unlock extra attacks for our hero, which will activate a predefined key on the keyboard or mouse. As you can see, the jewels are really powerful.

Path of Exile is naturally MMO, but quite unusual, because in fact we have here a campaign divided into 10 acts, whose completion is fun for about 40 hours, and after that we can still hack monsters and collect even better equipment due to extended endgame'u based on maps, to which we gain access during the game and unlocks using a special device. All this we can do solo. Really, but of course much better and is better beat enemies among friends, or even in the company of casual players who are willing to share their knowledge (at least so it was with me when it was combined with another user received from him a number of valuable tips).

Without a doubt, Path of Exile enchanted me also climate. This is a very dark and even during the exploration of the forest, where the sun breaks through the trees, you can feel the amazing atmosphere here. Not to mention the numerous dungeons filled with traps, whose field of vision is limited to two steps forward, and the way we can only illuminate often spells cast by the hordes of enemies. The work of the studio Grinding Gear Games in vain to look for color graphics on the screen even if we see some color, it would have been subdued, respectively, by which the atmosphere in the game is really dense. And this is great because it combines very well with another aspect of the game.

Path of Exile undoubtedly is a game about building the appropriate builds character. If we are wrong to invest your points on a skill tree, over time it may be that we are tedious grind, because the regeneration of life is not at the appropriate level, and the opponents attacking force elements quickly kill our hero because of the lack of resistance to this kind of damage. This means that in the first pass play when we play in the dark, you can easily get lost here, because the enormity of the ability to unlock and the number of games can really overwhelm. But it does not change the fact that even if in the middle of the campaign we realize that we have done something wrong, and so we want to fix it instead of throwing the game into a corner, because the fun of climbing creatures, even if it consists only in party grinding, here is indescribable .

So extensive and interesting, tax and giving so many amazing opportunities the game will surely cost a fortune, right? Not necessarily. Path of Exilethumped on the market hack'n'slashy not only because of the well designed gameplay. Players also appreciated the production because it is available completely free of charge. FOR FREE. Yes, many games use the business model of free-to-play with time turns into a pay-to-win and we can download it free of charge, but after several hours, it turns out that without recourse to the portfolio will not achieve further progress, or we will have to spend in the virtual the world many hours to get items first. Here it is not. Available from the menu only allow digital transactions for the purchase of cosmetic additives. None of them gives the advantage during the fight, and this state of affairs (as I was able to learn from the network) has not changed since the very beginning and everything looks like it will stay that.


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